Inaugural Post – Korte is in Session

April 16th, 2015: 0400 hours

The single greatest crisis facing law enforcement today is physical fitness.

You read that right. Read it again if you need to.

We have a lot going against us these days – the media, negligent behavior by less than 1% of LEOs, our frequent flyers – but, each one of these comes back to physical fitness. We are America’s fighting force — the main line of defense protecting our communities from each douchebag, terrorist, and psychopath. We are called on to solve every problem known to man, whether or not our personal knowledge or skills have any relevance. Policing was once defined to me in college as “something is happening, which ought not be happening, and someone needs to do something about it – NOW! (Brian Monahan – Policing in Society)”. From flat tires, to out-of-control seven-year-olds (I shit you not), to burglaries and murders, citizens call us to help them with the worst situations of their lives. What use are we if we don’t have physical fitness?

From helping an injured person on the ground to chasing a suspect on foot and wrestling him. From driving in a pursuit to winning a gunfight. From simply carrying stolen property back to an owner to helping someone change a tire. Everything we are called on to do in this career requires a baseline of physical fitness, but the baseline isn’t good enough — winning requires more. The problem is that there are too many of us that don’t even reach the unacceptable baseline. I have decided that I refuse to be a liability to anyone because of my physical fitness. You cannot be too fit; always strive to be better.

Let’s do a quick experiment:

Just Google image search “overweight cop.” Go ahead, this is important.

Embarrassed? It gets worse. Type in “fat cop.” There are so many hits that it suggests categories at the top ranging from “eating donuts” to “should I run.” If you are a LEO and aren’t embarrassed yet, check your pulse.

I’m embarrassed for my profession, my department, and myself. I’m just as guilty as everyone else. After the academy, I quit running. I rode around in a car for twelve hours at a time and scoffed at the idea of getting out on foot for any reason. Building checks? No. Foot patrol? Ha. Get another Mountain Dew? Well, maybe I could get out of the car now and then.

I’m overweight. Scratch that, I’m fat. I’m exactly what embarrasses me and disgusts me about the Thin Blue Line. So I’m calling for change – for myself and any of my brothers and sisters like me. It starts here and now. I will post my journey back to physical fitness. I will post motivation, tips, and information for everyone struggling like me. We can get through this shit-storm together. With all of the other pressures facing us right now, we need a positive place to improve ourselves. We need a safe place to fight the toughest battle this profession faces. This is the place and now is the time.

My workout for 4/15/2015:

5 sets 5 reps: Front Squat – 175 lbs

5 sets 5 reps: Bench Press – 145 lbs

5 sets 5 reps: Bent-Over Barbell Row – 125 lbs.

3 sets 1 minute: Farmer’s Carry – 53 lb kettlebells

Quote of the day:

“Train like your life depends on it – because it does” – Unknown


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